InPho Gallery - where the sky and the sea are blue

Dear Visitor!

I am so glad that you are visiting the InPho Gallery! In the Gallery you can find Istvan Juhasz photographer's underwater and abovewater photos. All the photos in the Gallery are for sale. If you find any photo you would like to buy in any format please contact me and I will arrange it for you. As I have definitely more photos than you can see here in my gallery, maybe it is a better idea (mainly in case of companies) if you contact me with your idea. You may have several office rooms, meeting rooms, hotel rooms or restaurants to decorate, as a result we have to develop a concept and based on the concept I will find you the best photos and the best format that support your concept.

I am happy to receive all feedback about the Gallery and the photos. Please send all information to that e-mail address which you can find under the 'Contact' menu. Let me thanks in advance for your constructive criticism or the words of praise!

Finally let me express my gratitude to Agnes Juhasz for her help with giving birth to my photos, to my wife, my permanent model who can tolerate me under and above the water as well. And also thanks to Laszlo Sophen who gave me good advices and encouraged me during the difficult periods.

Yours sincerely